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Quote & Print MIS

Quote & Print MIS is one of the largest print MIS solution providers in Asia-Pacific with more than 700 users across 13 countries. Established since 1981 and headquartered in Sydney Australia, Quote & Print has a team of experienced industry professionals managing the sales and development of the software, and providing technical support to the print industry.


Quote & Print is built for different types of printers including commercial, packaging, labels, computer forms, flexo, newspaper, digital and large format. And you have the choice to combine different estimating wizards into your MIS.

The modular Quote & Print MIS can be configured to meet the requirements of your business. Modules include estimating, customer-relationship management, workflow tracking, production scheduling, shop floor management, stock control, employee times, cost analysis and financial reporting.

Quote & Print MIS is fully trained and supported by RHS Asia in the region.








1. Estimating

Always understand your costs. It is something very important, yet often neglected. In today’s fast-moving world, the variables that make up a print job are no longer consistent. It is therefore very important to have a concrete basis for every quote generated & make sure that the business you are pitching for is going to be profitable for you.


  • One Screen Quoting (OSQ) can be used especially useful for less experienced estimators to produce accurate quotes with rules and options preset by experienced staff.
  • Combine Quote Wizards with Template Quoting to give you access to complex estimating such as point-of-purchase displays, hard-case packaging, large format installations etc.
  • Worksheets show full details of costings and expected mark-ups, and indicate when calculated prices have been altered.
  • Quote up to 4 quantities and easily duplicate quotes for calculations of variations of materials, finishing, number of colours etc.
  • Custom designed quote letters and job sheets can be generated and printed directly from the system. Email and SMS features are also available.

2. Customer Relationship Management

Manage your interactions with your prospects and customers by using our CRM solution to ensure that vital sales information is not lost if your account manager or sales reps leave the company.


  • Store essential prospects, customers and contacts information.
  • Run direct marketing campaigns when used in conjunction with Group Emailer to send bulk electronic direct mailers to individual contacts.
  • Diary of daily activities for each rep can be recorded, including meetings and sales calls.
  • Tracking of sales contacts, with inclusion of call reports, enables the sales team to ensure all prospects are followed up.
  • Track sales team performance by comparing actual sales with forecasted sales for each period. Reporting on Quote to Job Hit Rate allows for early detection of reduced activity and trend monitoring.

3. Workflow Tracking

Ever wondered where is the location of your customer’s job in the production floor? If you do not have a system in place to trace the location and status of your customer’s print job, very often you will find that your staff is spending more unnecessary time physically tracking them. With Quote & Print Workflow, you can streamline the flow of jobs through production.


  • Up to six user-defined Workflow locations with company specific flags for each location.
  • Integrated with Quote & Print Shop Floor Management module, your employees can easily use a barcode scanner to scan the job status without a single keyboard entry. This is exceptionally useful for production operators who are computer illiterate.
  • Significantly reduces back-office processing times by scheduling your print jobs into the press machines when certain processes are completed in the workflow.

4. Stock Control

Having real-time stock levels not only saves space, but most importantly saves cost as well. Quote & Print Stock Control enables the recording and monitoring of all transactions for any material items including warehouse and customer-owned stock. This module is easily accessible from Estimating, Production, Forms Management and Logistics.


  • Multi-warehouse capability where stock can be kept in up to 20 warehouses.
  • Ability to nominate Reserved Stocks and report on levels of reserved stock, with details of jobs that stock is reserved for.
  • Apply % increase or decrease to quickly update stock prices when notified by the supplier.
  • Stock Reorder Report lists all stocks due for reorder based on minimum stock levels.
  • Stock Audit Trail shows all stock movements for issued, orders, received and transferred stock.

5. Purchasing

Having an integrated Purchasing module streamlines the entire order process and allows both staff and management to view if goods have been ordered or received. This module is also the source of actual costs as they are reflected in job profit reports.


  • Used in conjunction with Stock Control module enables updating of stock levels as orders are received.
  • Full or partial orders can be received, and flagging of stock as it is received with a pallet slip identifying the job number and enables quick identification.
  • Order reports to check overdue orders, orders expected to be received today, incomplete orders and discrepancies where ordered quantity varies from received quantity.

6. Production Scheduling

Get full control over the production floor with the Production Scheduling module. It is an electronic production board showing the loading of all Press and Finishing machines. It improves the transparency and visibility in the production department, allowing the planner to make business-critical decisions easily.


  • Production board view shows jobs queued for each machine and the total time involved.
  • The job display is colour coded, allowing easy visual recognition of jobs ready to run, on time, overdue and complete.
  • Ability to view on a daily, weekly, or monthly format for fast visual display.
  • Easy rescheduling of jobs using drag-and-drop, or moving jobs up and down in a list using a list arrow.
  • Edit of schedule by machine, allows easy transfer of jobs from machine to machine, to meet deadlines or reduce production bottlenecks.

7. Employee Times

Capturing of Employee Times is possibly the most vital aspect in providing comparisons of estimate to actual costs and in calculating job profit reports, where unexpected production costs need to be identified. This is critical in repeat work where margins may be quickly eroded.


  • Use of barcode scanners to record employee working hours and machine status makes it easy for production workers to learn and operate.
  • Captures vital information such as hours spent on machine maintenance, or waiting for plates.
  • Time captured will be reflected on the Worksheet, so a comparison can be made with the planner’s estimated time and the actual working hours.
  • Reports include time worked by employees, employee efficiency, time worked per machine and machine utilisation.

8. Management Reports

Make informed decisions with Quote & Print Management Reporting module. You can track the progress of your business and departments’ performance against Key Performance Indicators.


  • Standard reports such as Sales Rep Report, Job Profits Report, Job Delivery Status Report, Schedule Report etc provide business owners with easy-to-read and commonly used reports.
  • Reports can also be customised with the use of report fields to create reports that are specific to each company.
  • Enables any report to be exported to Word, Excel, CSV, HTML, or simply sent as PDF via emails.

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