Taopix Photo Gift SoftwareProfit more from photo and personalisation

Taopix software enables your business to generate more revenue from personalised gifts, photo books, calendars and much more, on any device via web and desktop applications.

Taopix Photo Gift Software

Taopix is the world’s leading photo gift software platform.

It allows you to sell and produce unlimited personalised photo gifts, designed by your customers!

Hundreds of businesses of all shapes and sizes, around the world, use Taopix photo gift software every day. The software is available worldwide, with our current installation base covering over 50 countries and growing. Our software supports approximately 20 languages, plus multiple currencies.

Taopix software comes as a complete package, including:

  • Easy to use Online Designer and / or
  • Professional Desktop Designer
  • Complete ecommerce solution
  • Comprehensive production module
  • Powerful Product Management Platform

One platform, endless possibilities!

Taopix professional photo gift software allows you to profit from a wide range of photobooks and photo gifts. Businesses like yours, have reported time and time again that offering a wide range of photo gifts in addition to a photobook offering can often more than double your revenue.

And Taopix makes it easy for you to start offering your customers both!


Taopix photo gift platform was originally set up to deliver a world class photobook software platform. With the passing of time, this has not changed!

Taopix can offer your customers a wide range of choice when it comes to choosing and ordering their photobooks. So if you want to offer ready books, photography books, wedding books, professional portfolios…or indeed any photobook you can think of – that’s great! And if you want to give your customer a choice of; cover size, materials, ribbon colour and options to add, emboss, engrave etc you can.

Wall Art

Businesses around the world use our platform to offer consumers a wealth of choice when it comes to wall art. From simple canvas ranges to all singing, all dancing masterpieces! Our photo gift platform allows consumers to create a range of wall art quickly and easily. We even cater for photomontages!

Greeting Cards

Consumers can get truly personal by designing their own personalised greetings cards. Encourage them to capture those funny photos to share with friends and family during memorable times of the year – Christmas, birthdays, weddings or any celebration!

Set up some quick templates and allow customers to add; photos, text and personal messaging. Or encourage them to get really creative and add colours, fonts, backgrounds etc– the choice is yours!


Offer your customers a range of calendar choice! Set up one calendar template, with a pre-set date range and configuration – consumers simply add their photos. Or you can offer a choice of a range of shapes, sizes, templates, formats and backgrounds. From traditional hanging, wire-bound calendars to desk calendars.

Photo gifts and many more…

Many of our customers have proven that adding a choice of photo gift options to their traditionally photobook focused products can often double profits!

So think about what you can offer your customers today! Taopix supports a wide range of photo personalisation. Just some of the photo products that our customers currently sell include personalised; clocks, iPad covers, smart phone covers, key rings, fridge magnets, t-shirts, mouse mats, notebooks, shopping bags, Rubik’s cubes, snow globes and more!

Taopix Key Features

Take a look at some key features our customers have told us that make them choose Taopix!


Social Media Upload & Social Share

Both our Taopix Online and Desktop solutions allow consumers to import photos from social media sites and share their finished photo projects with friends and family via email or social media.

Our Designer provides the ability to import images from social media sites including Instagram, Facebook and Flickr. Consumers can do this in addition to uploading photos from their device and re-using photos from saved projects.

Once the consumer has finished their photo project, they can share this via email or social media links on over 100 social media sites. Their friends are then presented with a beautiful screen preview of the finished photo gift with only one option – to purchase!


Customisable Shopping Cart

Taopix includes a flexible shopping cart, allowing your business to offer a wide range of high margin add-ons that complement the initial purchase. With options to cross-sell and upsell, you can choose which add-ons you want to profit from; from accessories like gift boxes and ribbons to services such as embossing.

What’s more, Taopix includes support for powerful marketing tools such as vouchers, promo codes, gift cards andcustomisable advertising banners.


Upsell & Cross-Sell Tools

With Taopix, you can easily add prompts to encourage consumers to upgrade their products whilst they are designing them. For example; ask consumers starting with a 10 x 10 cover photobook if they would like to go for a 30 x 30 cover, mention a promotion, or even prompt users to add more personalisation – all before they hit the shopping cart.

You can also encourage consumers to add elements to an existing product, for example a personalised cover, gift box, ribbon, etc.

And our flexible shopping cart makes it easy for you to cross-sell many additional items, like gift cards, teddy bears, roses and more.


Brand Builder – For Your Business

Taopix allows you to easily and quickly generate individually branded versions of your software so you can penetrate multiple markets with different products.

Taopix gives you options when it comes to which markets you access and how. Find out more about the different routes to market available.


Brand Builder – For Your Partners

Taopix allows you to quickly and easily generate individually branded versions of your software so that you can partner with other brands and sell photo gifts to their customers too. The interface, shopping cart, customer account screen and email templates can all be matched to your partners’ brand identities to make it easier for them to market and sell on your behalf.

The Taopix platform gives you options when it comes to which markets you access and how. Find out more about the different routes to market available.


Order Tracker

Taopix allows your customers to easily track their own orders online; from printing through to finishing and shipping. And our user administration area means they can update their account details, share and reorder saved or finished projects – all without needing to speak to you!


Photo Fix

Taopix Online and Desktop Designers offer image enhancement, including 8 picture corrections, and Red Eye Removal all at the click of a button – thanks to our clever integration with Perfectly Clear image correction software.

Allowing your customers to produce beautiful photobooks and photo gifts they’ll want to order time and again!


Library link

You can use Taopix Library Link to easily link with an existing asset management library, allowing your customers to access branded images and licensed content for use in their photo products.*

Partnering with licensed content owners can offer unique ways of repurposing stock images for profit and gives your customers more choice.


Multiple Payment Gateways

Taopix provides an ‘out of the box’ integration with over 50 payment gateways. Choose a solution that is totally tailored to your business needs!

Taopix also allows you to offer your customers multiple payment methods such as; gift cards, vouchers, promo codes, invoice and collect from store if required. To find out more about what we offer take a look at our powerful ecommerce platform.


Multi-Site Production

The Taopix multi-site production feature offers both an operational and business solution for manufacturers with multiple production sites. Set up automatic job routing based on location, brand and product.

Taopix comes with a comprehensive production module as standard and provides you with the flexibility to manage your production to suit your business.


Taopix Connect: Integration

Although Taopix comes as a complete package, we understandthere may be times when you want to integrate or customise our platform in order to work with another piece of software. And so we’ve built our photo gift platform to work around you, not the other way around!

Taopix Connect comes as standard across our Professional and Enterprise packages. Using our bespoke integration script (TaoScript), Taopix Connect supports connection and integration between a number of API’s and your Taopix platform –each designed to make your life easier!

Taopix Modules

The Taopix software platform comes as a complete package – allowing you to sell and produce unlimited personalised photobooks and photo gifts, designed by your customers across a wide range of devices.

Taopix software modules include:


Online Designer

Delight your customers and leave them returning to create and order more personalised photo products direct from you! Our easy to use Online Designer is available across a range of mobile, tablet and larger screen devices.

Heavily focused on User Experience, this HTML5 based tool boasts a range of features and seamless designer-to-cart user journeys allowing your customers to design and order beautiful photo products in as few clicks as possible!


Desktop Designer

Our professional Desktop Designer software is a standalone application for Mac and PC with branding, customisation and advanced pro-photo design features. Available to use anywhere, with no Internet connection or plug-ins required.

Allows your customers to work with 100’s of pictures and a range of design tools with ease.



Our Taopix Ecommerce solution comes with a powerful shopping cart, marketing tools and is specifically tailored for selling a range of photobooks and photo gifts.

Features include a powerful pricing engine, cross-sell and upsell tools, plus voucher and gift card management. With multiple tax, payment and language options available too!



Our comprensive Taopix Production module means jobs get delivered right first time. Taopix guaranteed file delivery ensures that any project generated on your Taopix platform is delivered straight to your production facility.

And it’s flexible and customisable. You can manage; secure job delivery to any device, multi-location support, job tickets and much more besides! Supports a range of print output formats.


Control Centre

Our powerful Control Centre lies at the heart of the Taopix photo gift platform. This easy to follow, intuitively designed administration portal brings together all of our Taopix modules; Creator, Designer, Ecommerce and Production, into one powerful platform.

Taopix Control Centre gives you all the tools you need to take full control of the system. Tailor the software to best suit your business – with no dependency on us!



Taopix Creator gives you all the tools you need to create designs, products and brands for your photo gift software platform. Create photo products that will delight your customers and help your business to profit from pictures!

If you can print it, you can make a template for it; photo prints, canvases, postcards, greetings cards, jigsaws, height charts, posters, calendars, a range of photobooks…the list is endless!


Whether you choose Taopix Online, Taopix Desktop or both, you can pick from a range of 3 packages, tailored to suit every application and budget.